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About P2P::DC

P2P::DC (P2P :: Distributed Computing)is a software for distributed computing, such as SETI@Home or Folding@HOME projects. But with a little difference. Architecture of P2P::DC was depeloped with idea that you can compute anything what you want. You need just write your DLL with API to interoberable with P2P::DC.

Today we have PreAlpha version, with sample algorithm, which can compute integrals, also we have no network sockets and all computings are executed on virtual nodes inside the one process. But till January 2006 it will be full functional to operate in local network and may be in Internet (this may some troubles in security).

P2P::DC is written entirely in C# .NET and is distributed under the GNU General Public License.

Supported OSs

P2P::DC is developed under Microsoft Windows operation system. It is known to work on Windows XP(SP2/SP1), Windows 2000 and Windows 2003 Server, may be on other operation systems. Since P2P::DC is written on C#, it is required to Microsoft .Net Framework 1.2 (or higher) to be installed on the system.


P2P::DC's home page is hosted by SourceForge. P2P::DC's project page shows all the nifty services that we get for free from the SourceForge guys. Thanks a bunch for your support.